Oakley 2021: perfect sunglasses for all sports lovers, and not only!

Oakley has always been considered one of the leading brands of sports equipment, including the famous optical frames and ski goggles known all over the world.
Thanks to the up to date technologies used in the manufacture of lenses,  and the high-quality materials used for frames, like the O Matter, unobtainium, metal, and titanium, Oakley models are appreciated even by the most influential sports personalities such as Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez and Julian Wilson.

Valentino Rossi Oakley sunglasses

To learn more about the Prizm technology made in Oakley, check out our blog and find out many news!
For the new collection, the US brand has created for you innovative, advanced models perfect for any situation. Let’s discover together some of the must-have of this season.

Not to be missed, new Sutro 2021 is presented with a rectangular frame and is very comfortable to wear.
Thanks to the polarized lenses, in addition to having the eyes completely protected from UV rays, you will be able to enjoy a completely optimal visual experience, without losing even a single detail.
Available in different colours, try the Oakley Sutro gold.

oakley sutro s sunglasses 2021

Discover new Oakley Radar Path polarized, designed with a single large lens to make the view as compact as possible in order to improve your sports performance.
Realized in O Matter material with unobtainium particulars, they are ultra-light to wear and ideal both for men and women.
Available in more than twenty shades, you just have to choose the one you like best!

oakley radar ev path fro women and men

Another eyewear designed to make your view field even more extended is the M2 Frame XL.
Ideal for those who love outdoor sports, they are very durable, thanks to their O Matter frame, but at the same time very light to wear.
Available with sapphire blue, red, yellow lenses and much more… find out all different shades.

m2 frame xl oakley sunglasses

Newcomers to the Oakley family, the Plazma sunglasses. Designed for cycling enthusiasts, with their Prizm road and polarized lenses, you will have an excellent visibility in all light conditions, and you will be able to see any minimal imperfection on the road.
Available in both brighter colours and classic grey and black lens.

new plazma oakley sunglasses

New Oakley Portal X equipped with iridium, polarized and Prizm lenses, are presented in a modern form and can be worn not only during sports performances, but also daily as standard sunglasses.
Thanks to polarized lens technology, your eyes will be completely protected.
They are also available with ruby or sapphire lenses.

Oakley 2021 portal x sunglasses

Other sport items worth seeing are Oakley ski goggles, just right for winter sports.
The Prizm snow lens gives you a perfect view against the fog, making the contrast of lights even sharper.

oakley ski and snowboard goggles 2021

You just have to discover all the new Oakley shades on our website Lookeronline.com and buy the model that best suits your needs between among numerous products!


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