Ray Ban Studios present: FEEL YOUR BEAT, when style meet music..

Ray Ban has always been a style icon. In fact, Ray Ban sunglasses are often chosen by famous people, which, more or less voluntarily, have contributed to the growth of the brand.
Ray Ban Studios is a project which wants to reinvent the brand, asking help to these people to reinvent some iconic models.

From this idea born another project, FEEL YOUR BEAT, a collaboration with two (or better I would say three, after you understand well what I mean) of the most influence artists inside the club culture, I’m talking about The Martinez Brothers and Nina Kraviz.

Ray Ban Wayfarer RB 2140 The Martinez Brothers - Lookeronline.com The Martinez Brothers (Steve and Chris Martinez, that’s why of their artists name, they are brothers for real), are two american DJ with puerto rican origins, who went to the fore in a show called “Circoloco” to the DC-10 of Ibiza.
Their eclectic style, their contagious happines, is reflected also in their performances and, not less, in their style.
The Martinez Brothers Ray Ban collection is composed by two model of the iconic Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer.
Chris chosed a pink transparent frame, the same color has been chosed for the lenses, with classic havana temples;
More minimal is the choose of Steve, black and white frame with azure (delavé blue to be precise) lenses.

Nina Kraviz is a russian DJ and singer; Ray Ban Nina RB 4314N - Lookeronline.com
she is from Siberia, where she studied medicine, but from when she was a child her real passion was the music, has conditioned her life, leading her to become a musician.
Like Nina, the collection which Ray Ban has realized in collaboration, has inside the passion and the sensibility which only an artist can have inside.
The prinicpal features for this retrò cat-eye sunglasses are for sure the mix of style and elegance, and, a not trascurable thing, the name, Nina indeed (is not a case that Ray Ban choose Nina Kraviz to redesign the Ray Ban Nina sunglasses, you don’t think?).

So, what you’re waiting for? Let’s discover the creation born from the collaborations of Ray Ban with the world of music.


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