Tailoring Edition, a new wonderfull look made in Persol..

Persol, from ever one of the most recognizable brand in the eyewear’s world, has in his cords the capacity of wonder the public, with beautiful handmade creations, made with the maximum attention to every single detail.

But Persol isn’t only that.
No, because the italian company has from ever the incredible capacity to anticipate the times and of make collections which will become from immediately a new classical.
For that the family of the Persol sunglasses go to be enrich by a new wonderful look, represented by the Tailoring collection.

The Persol Tailoring Edition glasses and sunglasses are featured by a classical and easy wear frame who can go well both for men and women.
The collection is made by four models, two sunglasses (Persol 3199S PO 3199S and Persol 3198S PO 3198S) and two glasses (Persol 3197V and Persol 3196V), frames which are an evolution of historical models of the brand, redesigned with new unique details.

The italian brand chosen to mix the refinement of the acetate colors (who can be the classical havana and black or new combinations like ice/brown and dark tortoise) with the warm tones of the metal (gold, silver and gunmetal), to giving life to the perfect frame which fits perfectly with the fashion of the last years.

The Tailoring glasses and sunglasses are also dotated of all the best technology made in Persol, like the flexible temples or the polar lenses, to giving a perfect comfort and a perfect vision in every situations.

All the Persol Tailor Edition are dotated of a special packaging, decorated with a houndstooth motive, the same used for the microfiber included in the box.


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