Summer 2018, which are the most wanted sunglasses?

The beautiful season is coming… Soon it will be the time for the holidays, for the sun, the sea, the relax, but the fashion never stop, especially in this season, when the vips like to expose their fashion accessories dancing in beautiful private swimming pool or playing beach volley on the most beautful beaches of the world.

Just of fashion accessories we are going to talk in this article, of one in particular, the sunglasses.
In summer the sunglasses are one of the must-have accessory for excellence, but which are the most wanted sunglasses of this summer?

From the 80s are back the mirrored sunglasses and the metal frames, who have lived a new youth in this start of 2018;

many brands, like Ray Ban or Italia Independent, has launched mirrored collection, all with various referral to the 80s models.

Also from the past, to be precise from the 50s and 60s, a trend who interest only the female audience: the cat-eye sunglasses, many vintage models isnpired by the great Holliwood divas.

Another trend of this summer will be the pastel colors for the lenses, the right compromise among dark and light lenses.
Yes, beacouse the pastel lenses are perfect from the sunrise to the sunset, and, thanks to their minimal look, are easy to wear both on the beach and to a sunset party where the look is at the first place.
A mint green, a sweet pink, a lime yellow or a blue sugar are the most used colors for these kind of sunglasses, the new Gucci‘s collection is the perfect example of this style.

So now you have only to choose your favourite look for this summer and the right pair of sunglasses to be ever on the crest of the wave!


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