Ray Ban Blaze, illuminate your look!

There’s a new way to live the legendary sunglasses made by Ray Ban, all of that revised with the Blaze Collection, a new life, gived to the Ray Ban Icons with the focus to amaze, to illuminate all around.

A mix of colorful frames and lenses, all mirrored and flashed, all who shine of their own light.
This was the effect Ray Ban wants, a collection who can be notice both in the dark and in the middle of the crowd, at chilometers distance or in a little room.

The Blaze customization is based on a reinterpretation of the classical models, giving them a more daring look.
The frames mantain their metal colors, except in some chase, the lenses come to life in a rainbow of colors.
The real particularity of that look are just the lenses, who don’t embed in the frame like normal sunglasses, but they cover all the front of the frame.

The first models who has been revised with the Blaze customization were some metal frame models, from this trasformation were born:
Round Blaze RB 3574N Ray Ban RB 3574N 153/7V - Lookeronline.com
Clubmaster Blaze RB 3576N Ray Ban RB 3576N 041/13
Hexagonal Blaze RB 3579N Ray Ban RB 3579N 001/E4
Cat Eye Blaze RB 3580N Ray Ban RB 3580N 90391U
Shooter Blaze RB 3581N Ray Ban 3581N 001/71

Seen the succes of the first Blaze model, in a second moment Ray Ban customize two other historical models:
– the Aviator, who becomes Aviator Blaze RB 3584N Ray Ban RB 3584N 001/19
– and The General who becomes The General Blaze RB 3583N Ray Ban RB 3583N 9035V0

The last add at this collection are two plastic models:
Wayfarer Blaze RB 4440N Ray Ban RB 4440N 6355u0
RB 4380N Blaze Ray Ban RB 4380N Blaze 6356X0

Ray Ban hit again the mark, giving life to a collection who can write another long page in the eyewear’s history.


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