Oakley Prizm sunglasses, more contrast, more control, more technology..

Who has never heard talk about the Prizm technology made in Oakley?

And who if not Oakley will say the more experts in eyewear sector, from ever cradle of more of the biggest technological change in this world.

The Prizm technology give to who wear these special lenses the possibility to focus perfect all details, thanks to a new way of light capture, able to work with the single wavelengths.
The idea is based on the working of the uman’s eye, and on his way to capture the light, subsequently developed in laboratory, to grant a perfect individuation of the details who permit to move at best in a determinate ambient; this is basic for who practice sport at the top levels, this technology permit to not lose any second and exploit all the time and space at your disposition.

Oakley has developed various kind of Prizm lenses, all thinked for a different use and ambient, let’s discover all together:

Prizm Daily Lookeronline PRIZM DAILY: thinked for daily use, improve the contrast and makes the colors more intense and warm, also polarized to reduce the reverbs.
Prizm Field Lookeronline PRIZM FIELD: perfect for the baseballers, increases the visiblilty of the ball, improving the contrast with the sky, the grass and the field.
Prizm Road Lookeronline PRIZM ROAD: thinked for the athletes who makes endurance sports, this kind of lens make possible to identify at best every irregularity of the street or eventually dangers, like potholes.
Prizm Trail Lookeronline PRIZM TRAIL: thinked for the cyclists who goes off road, the increased contrast of the brown and red make possible to identify all ostacles on the foothpats, in all contidion of light.
Prizm Golf Lookeronline PRIZM GOLF: to play well is not enough “read” the green, with this lens the deep and the distance will be more clear, the more dry grass will be better recognizable.
Prizm Cricket Lookeronline PRIZM CRICKET: thinked to make more simple to recognize both the red and the white balls in the grass, to semplificate the shots.
Prizm Shallow Water Lookeronline PRIZM SHALLOW WATER: make better fishing in low waters, exalting the gradients of green and blue and mantaining bright the whites; is also polarized to reduce the reverbs on the water.
Prizm Deep Water Lookeronline PRIZM DEEP WATER: thinked to exalt the contrast, making more simple to recognize the fish into deep water, also this kind of lens is polarized, to reduce the reverbs on the water.
Prizm Snow Lookeronline PRIZM SNOW: this technology is used mainly on the Oakley ski goggles, is helpful to distinguish the eventual obstacles in the snow, exalting the contours and the shadows in the snow; the Prizm Snow lenses are also split in various kind, one for intense brightness, one for cloudy weather and the last for when the conditions of light are half and half among high brightness and cloudy.

So, now you have only to choose which lens is perfect for your favourite sport and use the Oakley sunglasses to elevate at the best your performance.


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