Hally & Son, the history of an artisan with a dream..

The history of Hally & Son come from far.

It was 1959 and Mr. Hally was only an artisan with a little glasses shop in London and a dream: leave a mark into eyewear’s world.
In first he was giving life to a limited handmade collection of only 5 pieces, which, however, didn’t receive much success.

So he decided to move, to follow the tracks of the great eyewear artisans; was in this moment that Mr. Hally goes to Italy, from ever land of the greatest artisans and handmakers.

Like first thing he took a round in the big cities, capitals of fashion and of big manufacturers like Turin, Milan, Naples and Florence, to ampliate his knowledge, but he was not at ease in the midst of big cities chaos, so he decided to settle near Mantova, in a little town called Volta Mantovana.

Here he has found his ispiration; it was 1962 and up to London all can heard talk about the timless glasses of Hally & Son.

But some years later, the growing of Hally & Son, had an hard braking, caused by a malaise of his creator, Mr. Hally.

The brand had a re-born in 2011, when, into the company’s archives, were found some Mr. Hally’s projects, drawings based on the original collection made by him.
Is the turning, Hally & Son started to made some new collections, following the projects of Mr. Hally.

In these new models the principal feature is the maniacal care for details; the hinges are one of these, one with two points and the other with three.
Another detail wich stands out for the eye is the end of the temples, rounded like a button.

In final the dream of Mr. Hally is realized, Hally & Son is one of the most recognizable brand of the entire eyewear’s world, a symbol of great artisan culture.


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